Logistics and Procurement

Logistics and Procurement

Planning on a data center relocation? Expanding your business globally? To remain competitive in today’s marketplace requires careful planning and strategic operation. Allow Cytherian to handle your logistics and procurement. You can trust us with your next step. Our team has the experience and skills to handle an entire data center and colocation equipment move. We are also apt at designing new layouts that incorporate your existing equipment as well as procuring new appliances of your expansion.

Allow us to provide yo with all the details plans, technical migration logistics, data storage solutions. Our technicians will apply industry best practices to ensure an incident free move, or a unique design formulated for your specific needs.

Procurement Services

connect you with preferred manufacturers
sourced technology and services
manage the entire procurement process
analyze expenditures on a global scale.

Industry reports indicate that over 48% of multi-day data center outages were related to poorly planned and executed relocations and establishments. It can be a corporate IT nightmare if you do not have a proven logistics and procurement methods. Why waste your company’s money, time and resources?

Our logistics services facilitate the procurement of high-end IT equipment. And, Cytherian delivers solutions consistently. No matter the size of the job. Our services involve making certain small volumes are delivered in time. As well as large international transactions across multiple geographies, multiple technologies, multiple currencies and multiple vendors.

Logistics Services

managing your entire order process, from quote to invoice
vendor fulfillment, and freight, VAT and duties costs global custom tax and import laws advice and
requirements consolidating orders from different vendors and locations to reduce costs and travel,
minimize packaging waste, and make tracking easier
managing complex situations such as reverse logistics

Cytherian will coordinate with your relocation and provide a detailed strategy for your Data Center Relocation. Allow use to coordinate your relocation planning and analysis. Our team is experienced in understanding legacy equipment removal and replacement.

We can figure out the scheduling, executing and even manage the physical move. Lastly, technicians will design your new layout including pre-cabling, rack and stack equipment planning.

Whether you are looking to expand your business globally, need to redesign or relocate your existing data center, trust Cytherian with all your logistics and procurement need. Contact us today for a consultation.


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