Remote Hands and Eyes

Remote Hands and Eyes

Remote Hands and Eyes provides you with a technician to deploy, maintain and troubleshoot your equipment. Cytherian provides this service which allows your business the ability to preserve your utilities, any time, any day. However, we extend the service without the expense of site visits. You can rely on our trained expert technicians. Allow us to be your on-site hands, eyes, and ears – without worrying about budget or time constraints.

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Remote Hands & Eyes Services

Cycling power on your equipment.
Visual equipment checks.
Attaching monitor, keyboard, mouse, or consoles.
Replacing hardware components with spares or upgrades.
Changing or relocating labeled cables.
Rotating and loading your media (tapes, CDs, DVDs, or USB media).
Troubleshooting of physical ports.
Entering commands according to specific detailed instructions.
Performing built-in diagnostics.
Upgrade your disk drive capacity with new or additional drives.
Adding memory cards.
Configuring routers, switches, and other network equipment.
Equipment inventory and labeling.
Center temperature analysis that includes thermal scans of the environment or equipment.

Response Saves Time and Money

Cytherian’s Remote Hands and Eyes Service strive to provide professional support to customers requiring emergency, planned and routine maintenance. This service allows quick response for emergencies, plus reduced travel time to and from the data center. The goal is to improve uptime, therefore reducing the cost of infrastructure management and maintenance.

Don’t take an uncalculated gamble with your colocated equipment. Chose unlimited remote hands and eyes services. This enables your facility manager to make the best decisions. All without the constraints of outdated support models. Using Cytherian’s remote hands and eyes gives you access to highly qualified IT professionals who will perform a wide variety of services. Our technicians will perform basic troubleshooting tasks to tape swaps and equipment installation. When choosing a partner, technical, and talented remote hands and eyes services should be part of your decision-making process.


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