Security / Access Control

Security / Access Control

Cytherian is the leader in access control systems for secure physical access, network login, and safeguarding technical assets. Security / Access control involves any mechanism or system that helps you manage building access. Using codes, passes or keys, it allows for the authorization or revocation of rights to particular physical or logical assets within your organization.

We are trusted by our clients to provide comprehensive physical access control solutions that secure your facilities, assets, networks and cloud resources. Our Security / Access Control Systems are designed to meet your specific requirements. They will enable you the authority to control access to sensitive areas and resources.

Security / Access Control Services

Provide a safe environment for employees, visitors, and contractors.
Protect people, facilities, networks and assets with comprehensive HID Global access control systems.
Identify who is in the building.
Know who is in the facility and manage their level of access while meeting regulatory compliance objectives.
Control total access to highly secure areas.
Protect facilities requiring high security, sensitive data, as well as critical or high-value assets.
Manage all access to commercial fleet fueling stations.

You can utilize Cytherian’s systems to enforce policies and create limits for users to specifically authorized actions and data. And what’s more, we can retrofit any door with a locking system unique for your requirements.

Perfect Systems for Your Facility

From traditional access systems to smart access systems, Cytherian provides it all. We even offer individual application modules as either as standalone systems or to be deployed in any combination. All this works to deliver a single, seamlessly integrated solution. Cytherian also helps you assess your facilities Risk Management plus assist you in determining the level of security your business actually needs. Our expert consultants will create a strategy that enables you to achieve the Security / Access Control System perfect for your company and budget.

We can design systems to offer peace of mind. Such as structures that integrate access control, video surveillance and alarm monitoring with information technology. We can accommodate business requirements of all sizes. Whether you need a simple system for just a few doors or a complex network with an enterprise design, we can help.

Allow us to configure a strategy to protect your assets, employees, inventory. So, if your needs are simple or complex, we can provide you with an audit report to track traffic to and from your facility. Cytherian systems will eliminate any past or present problems with mechanical key and lock systems.


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